Debit / ATM Cards FAQs

How do I report a lost or stolen debit/ATM card?
How much are my daily limits?
I forgot my PIN, what should I do?

There are two ways in which you can change your PIN:

  1. Call Shazam at 1-800-717-4923 from your phone and follow prompts to change PIN number.
  2. Call the bank at 563-422-3883 and we can have Shazam mail your PIN to you.
How do I change the picture on my My Pic Studio debit card?
Go to the Bank 1st MyPic Studio Debit Cards page and follow the instructions to update your picture. You must then call the bank at 563-422-3883 and notify the bookkeeping department you wish to order a replacement card with a new picture. A replacement card fee will be assessed unless your card is going to expire.
How do I notify the bank if I am traveling with my card?
Phone (563-422-3883) or email ( us with the dates you will be gone and the states and/or countries you will be travelling to. It is recommended that you keep Shazam’s 24/7 phone number 866-508-2693 handy while travelling in case of any card issues.
When is my ATM deposit going to be available for use?

Deposits made at an ATM are available immediately at the ATM.

Availability through other means, such as at the teller window, will vary depending on time of deposit, time the bank downloads ATM transaction and time the bank updates balances.

When are ATM balances updated?

ATM balances are updated three times a day; around 8:15am, 11:00am and 4:15pm.

How can I increase my debit/ATM limit?

Call the bank at 563-422-3883 to request a temporary increase for your debit or ATM card.

What happens when my debit/ATM card expires?

A new card will be sent automatically to your home address. Your new card will have the same card number with the same PIN.

If your card expires 05/20XX, expect to receive your card towards the end of April.

What happens if my card is declined during a transaction?

Contact the bank at 563-422-3883. We can research the transaction and determine the reason.

What happens if there is a charge on my account that I didn’t authorize?

Contact the bank immediately at 563-422-3883.