Credit Cards FAQs

How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?
How can I check the balance on my credit card?
How can I make a payment on my credit card?

You can make your credit card payments at any Bank 1st location, mail your payment to Visa, PO Box 4512, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4512 or sign up at where you can view your account activity and make payments.

How do I notify the bank if I am traveling with my card?

Contact Bank 1st when you are traveling outside of your state so we can put a travel notification on your credit card account.

What happens when my card expires?

The month your card expires a new credit card will be sent to you. Both these cards are usable during the month of expiration.

What happens if my card is declined during a transaction?
Call customer service at 800-423-7497. You will be asked several questions to verify your identity and upon verification Visa will reactivate your card so the transaction can be processed.
What happens if there is a charge on my account that I didn’t authorize?

You should first contact the company that placed the charge on your account and try to have it removed. If that does not work, you can contact the Credit Card Dispute Center at 800-906-0005 to report the dispute or fraud.

What happens if I have trouble using the website,
You can call 866-317-0361 and they will help you regain access to your account.