Bill Pay

Bill Pay

- No more postage or long distance phone calls

Time saver - With just a few clicks of a mouse you can take care of all of your bills without writing a single check

Efficient - You can schedule your bills to be paid on their due dates

It's easy - The website is set up in a user friendly format

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using Bill Pay?

  • Free service included in your Online Banking login
  • Cut down on the amount of paper in your life
  • Save money from writing checks, stuffing envelopes and buying stamps
  • Send payments to anyone in the United States - anyone you would normally pay by a paper check
  • Set up recurring, occasional, or one-time payments.  You can schedule a recurring payment to be paid on the same day for the same amount every month and never have to worry about it again!
  • Funds are not withdrawn from your account until the payment due date